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Giving Birth Normal to Caesar, These Benefits and Risks

Normal childbirth vs Caesarean is often considered by pregnant women. Basically, giving birth normally or by Caesarean is equally good, depending on the condition of the mother and baby. Both of these methods have their respective benefits and risks. There are women who choose to give birth normally with a more natural reason and can feel to be a "real mother". There are also women who choose to give birth by Caesarean because they do not want to feel the pain of labor or to maintain the shape of sex organs after giving birth. Both normal and cesarean delivery have the same main goal, which is to make labor go smoothly and ensure that the mother and baby are safe. If you are considering which method of labor you want to do, first understand all the advantages and disadvantages of both methods of labor. Benefits and Risks of Normal Childbirth Normal childbirth is a natural way of giving birth to a baby through the vagina without surgery. This method is considered the saf
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Beware of Eye Stress Due to Use of Gadgets and Laptops

Do you often stare at a laptop screen for hours? Or often use gadgets in a dark room? If so, be careful! These two activities can trigger eye stress which can cause discomfort when looking. Not only the mind, the sense of sight can also experience stress if given excessive burden. This condition, known as eye stress, occurs when the eyes become tense and tired from seeing or staring at something for too long. Habits That Can Make Eye Stress Normally, eyes blink about 15 times per minute. But when forced to focus and stare at something for too long, especially staring at a digital screen, the eyes will only blink about 5-7 times per minute. In fact, the blinking process is needed by the eye, because it serves to clean dust particles that enter the eye and moisturizes the surface of the eyeball. Too long driving, reading, writing, and staring at a computer screen and other gadgets are some of the activities that can cause you to experience eye fatigue and lead to eye stress. Espe

Easily Get Vegetable Proteins from These Foods

Vegetable protein can be your preferred protein intake, in addition to animal protein. There are various advantages of vegetable protein for body health. This type of protein can be found in grains and nuts. Consumption of foods high in vegetable protein brings a variety of health benefits. For those of you who avoid the consumption of animal protein, such as meat and fish, can make vegetable protein as a choice in meeting the needs of protein in the body. Recognize Vegetable Protein Sources Vegetable protein sources can be obtained easily around us. Some good foods are used as sources of vegetable protein, including: Nuts The first source of vegetable protein that is popular and easily obtained is nuts. The advantage of this protein source is that it has a lot of variety and is easy to process. The protein content in legumes is also high. In a cup of cooked soybeans, there are at least 20-25 grams of protein. While in a cup of kidney beans, black beans or beans, there are